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The following projects represent a brief summary of the breath of services provided by Franklin Hill & Associates.  Often, FH&A is a direct consultant to a school district providing objective opinions about need or reviewing designs of architectural teams.

Dr. Hill also consults directly to design teams.  Since Hill is an educational expert with planning credentials, the architectural firm of record has maximum opportunity to use their in-house creativity without conflict.  Many planning firms are also designers themselves and conflicts have been known to arise regarding design solutions and authorship of those ideas.


Dr. Hill was the educational planning consultant to the district and played a strategic role in convincing the school board and community of the benefits of a district-wide master plan.

Dr. Hill became a consultant to UNICOM and BDLL Architects. In this regard  Hill provided the following services:

  • Master Planning presentations to the community – over 500 attendees
  • Standards and size determination
  • Future Trends presentations
  • Staff workshops to identify K-12 need
  • Application of future trends and standards to prototypical schools
  • Workshop with designers and district to develop options for implementation.
  • Coordination with Career Technology facilities

He is helpful with regards to the media, interviews on the radio, and considering issues of a political or marketing nature as the Master Plan develops.

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LOVELL HIGH SCHOOL – Master Plan | Lovell, Wyoming

The Lovell community had been waiting many years for state funding for a new replacement high school. Declining enrollments and limited state funding placed this project lower and lower on the state priority list.

Franklin Hill & Associates was commissioned to explore options including renovation of the existing facility. After careful analysis with staff, administration, and community, the Hill Master Plan solution proved to provide all the educational expectations of a “school of the future” within the existing building.

The solution included:

  • Small learning communities
  • Collegiate resource spaces
  • Advanced science laboratories
  • Integrated technology education and career training, and an
  • Expanded performing arts area

Most importantly, the solution was at a substantial savings in construction cost. Thus, this project was funded 10 years earlier, and is now under design and construction in the district.

This project demonstrated the importance of understanding and applying appropriate future trends in learning to existing buildings in a manner that reduces total project cost.

Numerous articles have been published about this project.

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DUBOIS HIGH SCHOOL | Dubois, Wyoming

Franklin Hill & Associates was commissioned to analyze K-12 education in the Fremont School District in Wyoming. The focus was on the need for and solution to a new replacement high school.

Declining enrollments and a low priority on the state funding schedule was delaying the new construction option. Dr. Hill analyzed the entire K-12 program, utilization in other district facilities, and future enrollment trends. Hill applied forward thinking district practices with his understanding of future trends to propose a very successful K-12 solution within an existing under utilized facility.

The resulting solution was a substantial cost savings to the district and state facilities commission. It also integrated curricula across a K-12 continuum, saved on staff/administration costs, and reduced annual maintenance expenses. The final solution was fully adopted by the School Facilities Commission (SFC), funded within an earlier funding cycle, and is now under design many years earlier than originally expected.

The Hill solution also incorporated ideas to coordinate the facility solutions with community compatible ideas under consideration within the regional economic development plan. Thus, the solution was a benefit to education, the district, state funding, and local commercial development. A WIN, WIN, WIN solution.

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ENLOE “Magnet High School of America” | Raleigh, North Carolina

Enloe High School is a 2300 student school serving grades 9-12. It was identified as the “Magnet High School of America” and has received numerous supportive educational awards for achievement.

Dr. Hill was the educational futurist and facility planner for this renovation and remodeling project. His goal was to “Raise the Bar” for educational achievement beyond the current national standard. He provided the site master plan and educational program specifications for design that lead to advancements in:

  • Shared use with the Wake County Medical Center
  • Creation of the “Learning Atrium” for integration of curriculum and technology

The final solution was substantially below the original budget because of FH&A creative use of space, accurate size programming, and understanding of the educational curriculum and schedule.

Total building size was approximately 270,000 GSF.

BJAC Architects – Raleigh, North Carolina

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This unique 2500 student high school located outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada combined the nationally recognized Jericho Provincial School for the Deaf into the new construction of Burnaby South Secondary School.

Dr. Hill provided all the pre-architectural analysis of deaf student needs for inclusion in the comprehensive 9-12 Grade design solution. Special involvement of IBM of Canada and BC Telephone Company allowed for advanced analysis of voice recognition software, communications technology, distance learning, and other advanced instrumentation in the sciences.

Bingham Hill Architects, Vancouver, Canada

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This 3000 student high school was one of the largest comprehensive high schools build in recent years. Franklin Hill and Associates provided a variety of educational planning services to include:

  • Advanced lecture/laboratory science laboratories
  • Integrated technology educational programs with science/math
  • Alternative vocational program spaces
  • Special needs classrooms
  • Value Engineering to maximize program size and budget

Hill provided plan review throughout the design process to further confirm the educational implications of design solutions.

The Bolingbrook High School has won numerous design and energy conversation awards as well as a Silver Certified GREEN school.

Wight and Company, Architects

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The Disney Development Company developed the Celebration “city of the future” outside of Orlando, Florida. It was intended to reflect the complete integration of community development, future trends to include housing, parks, medical facilities and schools.

Dr. Franklin Hill was referred to by staff as the “Imagineer” for the development of the school of the future to compliment this forward thinking community. Uniquely designed as a K-12 facility, it reflected a complete restructuring of educational thinking throughout the spectrum of learning. It became the basis for what later became “small learning communities” as a method to make education more personalized and student centered.

Dr. Hill worked with numerous national experts including, but not limited to:

  • Howard Gardner, Harvard University
  • Robert Slavins, Johns Hopkins University
  • Robert Johnson, University of Minnesota
  • Bill Glasser, Author - Quality Schools
  • State of Florida, League of Teachers (100 total)

The total planning process challenged traditional thinking on community development, educational delivery, and size and distribution of educational design. In the end, the Disney school of the future was smaller and less expensive than traditional Florida schools of the time.

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The Highland Park High school is recognized as one of the highest achieving schools in the nation. Franklin Hill & Associates was selected as the planning firm for renovation and remodeling to meet a variety of changing educational needs. This project was particularly challenging because of the extreme cost limitations resulting from the State of Texas funding formula related to income redistribution of educational construction funding.

Hill's work included a high school analysis of existing conditions and future needs.

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Facility planning to both of these facilities included remodeling and renovation of new instructional technologies and review and analysis of building utilization for future educational trends. The high school science and mathematics programs are particularly well recognized for their academic achievement resulting in high levels of student placement in Ivy League and nationally recognized colleges.

The middle school master plan provided one of the most complete functional design frameworks for small learning communities for this age group. It is a model for middle school program and design and was presented to the National Middle School Association at their annual conference. Going beyond the traditional clustering of core subjects, the final solution also included guidance, special needs students, drama, and even small dining areas.

The middle school solution has applications for middle school education world-wide. It was based on Dr. Hill’s planning framework developed on earlier projects with Susan Gillette, Past Executive Director, National Middle School Association.

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LISLE HIGH SCHOOL | Lisle, Illinois

This very challenging renovation and remodeling project concluded with the opportunity to renovate existing spaces for science that resulted in substantial cost savings while still meeting the advanced science laboratory demands of this high achievement nationally recognized school district.

Research conducted by Dr. Hill as part of the facility planning activities correlated science laboratory design to cognitive learning and grade level achievement. This was the first research of its type in the professional literature on the subject. Special attention was directed toward design for multiple learning styles including:

  • Visual Learners
  • Auditory Learner
  • Kinesthetic Learners

This research was particularly important for special needs students, deaf education, and meeting the learning requirements of foreign students speaking English as a second language.

The Franklin Hill & Associates total master plan solution centralized the campus flow around a central atrium, reorganized the arts and performing arts, and resulted in a substantial cost savings to the district.

The Lisle High School has won several design awards for both educational design and energy conversation.

Perkins & Will, Architects

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The Maywood K-8 School provided specifically design space for the Jericho K-8 Provincial School for the Deaf as well as traditional students from the community. Importantly, the programmatic solution provided a seamless transition from the early elementary grades, intermediate grades, to the 6-8 grade middle school.

Particular attention was paid to the special requirements of the very young deaf student to insure a safe and nurturing environment with small learning spaces and an age/size appropriate "community" model.

Full attention to other physical handicaps which often accompany a hearing impairment were also made age and size sensitive.

Bingham Hill Architects, Vancouver, Canada

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